Top 5 Tips To Fight Sugar Cravings

by Steve Auxier on 07/21/2017

Sugar cravings and caving in to mindless eating is a daily challenge!! I understand…we are all human and choosing a quick burst of sugar sounds so good…BUT set the path for more cheating on your plan. Check out below my TOP 5 tips to fight sugar cravings!

1). Use unsweetened almond milk , unsweetened hemp milk or unsweetened coconut milk instead of regular dairy cow’s milk.

2), Eat plain Greek yogurt instead of sweetened Greek or other yogurts.  My favorite is 0% Fage Yogurt.  There are so many Greek yogurts  that have 30 grams of sugar or more.

3) Skip the diet soda or regular soda’s.  Diet soda will lead to a feeling of hunger and regular soda can have up to 40+grams of sugar per can.  Try drinking Zevia.

4). Coffee add ins…JUST skip:)  Try adding in unsweetened Almond or Hemp milk.

5).  Drink more water and eat slower.  Yes both of these will provide the satiety of hunger and also will leave you feeling full.

BONUS: Add a good source of healthy fat to your blend of nutrition ( avocado, natural almonds)

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