Tips For Recovery From A Carb Overload!

by Steve Auxier on 08/19/2009

When was your last cheat meal?  What did you have?  Well if you are following the 30 Day Shredded diet the number one guideline is no cheating for the first 30 days:)  For some, this is super tempting, and yes when midnight approaches the gremlin comes out in all of us.  Yes the carbs can call our name.  The 30 day shredded diet does allow you to consume carbohydrates.  Most people mistake this diet as an Atkins or a South Beach diet.  The shredded diet is not a low carb diet…but the carbohydrates that are on the list will be the best possible types we can have.  Okay, so let’s say you blew the diet and you polished off a whole bag of Oreos.  I know you feel terrible and probably are suffering from guilt.   Just remember, it is not the end of the world:)  Here are a few tips to help you get back on track!


1.  Out of sight out of mind.  Okay destroy the evidence.  No that doesn’t mean go ahead and eat the rest of the Oreo’s.  Throw them in the trash or flush them down the toilet:)  I like this phrase from the past.  A recovering drug addict does not have drugs on the kitchen counter.  Willpower is the key!

2.  Resist the temptations.  Try to occupy your free time.  Boredom is our #1 killer.  Since our body is a creature of habit try to change the times and activities that propose the highest risk for failure.  Mid evening television watching or computer times are big risk situations.

3. The withdrawl stage.  Try to resist these temptations.  Personally,  when I am getting gas for my car I do not go into the gas station to pay.  Pay at the pump..those little M&M’s are calling my name:) 

4.  Brush your teeth after each meal.  Brushing your teeth after each meal is a great way to tell your mind and keep your taste buds from wanting to keep eating, or better yet resist the sweet after meal cravings.

5.  Increase your fiber.  Fiber is a great to keep yourself feeling full.  Try to increase your fibrous vegetables and eat slowly to fill yourself. 


Focus on progess and not perfection!  Have a great day!

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