NO Time For Fitness?

by Steve Auxier on 02/06/2018

No Time For Fitness? Commonly The #1 Reason Why People STOP Exercising OR Fail To Start Is The Common Thinking….”No Time”. In fitness law of diminishing returns does apply. Not necessarily more is better. The American Heart Association Recommends A Minimum Of 75 Minutes A Week Of Fitness. A Person Can Receive Major Benefits Of ONLY 20 Minutes A Day!! At Good Life Fitness We Have Our NEW X-Press Fitness Classes And Our 30 Minute Metabolic Personal Training For Busy People!!

I Personally Like Doing Mini Workouts. The Mini Workouts Consist Of 15 Minutes Of HIIT Training Or Two Muscle Group Super Sets. A GREAT Way For Busy Schedules To Gain Maximum Benefits In A Short Amount Of Time.

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