Guidelines After The “30 Day Shredded Diet”

by Steve Auxier on 06/27/2009

The results of the “30 Day Shredded Diet” have been amazing!  I have helped people reach their fitness goals for almost 16 years and have never seen people change like this.  Maybe it’s the combination of N-10sive Boot Camp with the “30 Day Shredded Diet” or the evolution of fitness concepts…not sure?  The results have been a whopping 5-15# of weight loss and a maximum of 18# of fat loss in only 30 days!  This diet ROCKS!!!


Now I want to explain the next phase in which I call  the ” maintenance phase“. To clarify any confusion we have to have two types of dieting phases.  We have a “peak phase” and a “maintenance phase“.  It is not healthy or feasible to maintain a ripped physique year round. Personally I am in a peak phase right now with a body fat around 5.8%.  Now this is tough to do, but this is a peak that will last for about 6-10 weeks.  I will then go into a maintenance phase but my workouts never lighten up…just the diet.  Just to clarify what ripped physique parameters are.  Guys are around3%- 4%- body fat and women are 15% or lower.  All major fitness competitors do not maintain a ripped physique year round.  I have witnessed body builders gaining upwards to 20# of body weight in about 48 hours from their contest.  I think the magazines give us the idea that these models are ripped year round.  Now most competitors are maintaining a leanness of at least 3-4% higher than their competitive body fat levels so when they want go back into peak condition it is not that tough to do.   Now I personally do not recommend to be on a strict low caloric nutrition program year round.  If you can maintain your physique year round then this is not your “peak physique”.  On the flip side I do not recommend bulking up 20+pounds either because you will added unwanted high levels of body fat.


Think of the peak and maintenance phases as going from “good shape” to “great shape” then “great shape” back to “good shape”.  I think many people stop working out and just go on a boycott of fitness.  It is much easier to approach fitness in cyclical thinking of nutrition.  You can live a little bit more during the winter and start tightening up the ropes around 12 weeks from swim suit season.

“Peaking” and “maintenance” phase dieting is not a yo-yo type dieting.  Basically on the maintenance phase you are increasing your calories and carbohydrates up to more of a comfortable level.  This phase is a great way to put on good quality lean muscle.  Remember over 90% of Jenny Craig’s business is repeated business.  There are “chronic dieters” out there that are constantly on a “diet”.  I like to do the same diet but adjust it depending on which phase I am in.

To summarize we want to maintain a physique that is not to far off of our best physique.  We do not want to put on a bunch of extra abdominal fat from poor nutritional decisions.  Remember, abdominal fat is very difficult to get rid of.  Avoid the “Truffle Ruffle Shuffle”  🙂

















Note N-10sive Boot Camps is not associated with the movie “Goonies”.

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Guidelines After The “30 Day Shredded Diet” | health
06/27/2009 at 4:37 PM
Guidelines After The “30 Day Shredded Diet”
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Steve Auxier 07/08/2009 at 8:08 AM


No this is my own diet that I have blended together with a bunch of different nutritional theories. Give it a shot! It has produced amazing results!


Wahine 07/07/2009 at 8:12 PM

Hey Steve, the “30 Day Shredded Diet”… is that the book by Jillian Michaels?


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