Good Life Fitness Donates To The Community

by Steve Auxier on 04/06/2017

Good Life Fitness is HONORED to partner together with the Lincoln Police Department and Lancaster County Sheriff department to assist those in need. Together we are helping those in need in the community. With a combination of hard work and dedication your efforts helped those who are assisted by an amazing organization in Lincoln…Clinic For A Heart!! Clinic For A Heart assists those in need who are not able to afford health care services (dental, vision, physical therapy, chiropractic, family practice medical, and much more).
Congratulations to all participants of the Lincoln Police And Lancaster County Sheriff’s department fitness challenge!! Every pound of weight lost made a major impact for those in need of heath care services. The group lost over 215lbs of body weight!! Every pound of weight lost was worth a dollar value. Good Life Fitness matched the total pounds of weight lost and made a donation of $433.00 to Clinic With A Heart.
Greeeeeeeeeeat job TEAM!!!

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