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SUPER Excited To Announce Good Life Fitness Has Been Selected For Final Voting!!! Voting Is Taking Place NOW Until February 19th For The Lincolns Choice Awards!!

PLEASE Vote For Good Life Fitness In The Following Two Categories

: Best Place To Feel A Burn
: Customer Service

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Good Life Fitness On 84th Hwy 2 OPENS December 1st!!!

November 14, 2016

YES finally the NEW Good Life Fitness on 84th and highway 2 opens December 1st!!  With a HUGE request for Good Life Fitness to expand to southeast Lincoln the time has come!!!  We are HONORED as a local owned and operated business to assist so many people on their fitness journey with ONE MEAL, ONE […]

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NEW Childrens Fitness Programs Starting

June 4, 2012

Starting June 11th Good Life Fitness/N-10sive Boot Camps will be offering NEW fitness programs for childrens. Get ready for 1 hour of FUN!!! Kids will learn the importance of staying fit and healthy while also learning important skills. Combining many aspects of fitness, Jungle Boot Camp will encourage and teach proper exercise form including cardiovascular […]

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My Top Bodyweight Exercises

September 16, 2011

Have you ever used these common gym adjectives when you notice a ripped physique….jacked, cut, swol,sick, diesel,hypertrophy and thought WOW they must do a ton of weights? You might be shocked on how these ripped creatures developed sick looking arms:)).= Bodyweight training might be a key element of what is holding you back from taking […]

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Tips To Help You Start Your Fitness Program

January 22, 2010

Getting started on a fitness program is the hardest part of a fitness program.  I highly recommend the 21 day rule when approaching your fitness program.  It is very important to stay consistant when creating a new habit for at least 21 days.  Studies show it takes that long for our brain to create your new […]

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