7 Habits of Highly Successful Fitness People

by Steve Auxier on 07/12/2009

Have you ever wondered the daily routines of highly successful fitness people?  I have had the pleasure to witness some of the most successful fitness people and I want to share some of their habits.  My goal for you is to develop coping skills to help you avoid total failure in your fitness program.

  1. Goal Settings-  A goal without a plan is just a dream.  Every successful fitness person sets goals.  I highly recommend that you set daily, monthly, 12week , and long term goals.  A long term goal is something that you have to really work hard to obtain.  Think big and expect success!
  2. Fail to plan then plan to fail- All successful fitness people plan their nutrition one day in advance by writing it down. I highly recommend cooking large quanities of food on Sundays or the night before. Try using Reynolds cooking bags and preparing mini meals on the grill or in the oven.  You can use lean meat, red skin potatoes, veges and a little bit of olive oil and prepare at least 3 days worth of lunches or suppers in advance.   Try using a crock pot to prepare meals at bedtime and then the following day you have your lunch or supper prepared. 
  3. Time Management-  We all have the same 24 hours in a day!  Successful people manage their time wisely.  If you have to exercise in the morning before everybody wakes up or if you have to exercise over your lunch hour then that is smart time management.  Limit distractions from your day.  Choose your time wisely!
  4. Be consistant with your regimen-  You need a plan rather than winging it.  Treat your fitness program like a part time job.  You need to be consistant in order to see progress.  Focus on progress rather than perfection
  5. Pack a gym bag- One way to avoid skipped workouts is packing your gym bag and leaving them in your car.  
  6. Be prepared with a meal replacement bar or powder- Always remember to take with you a protein shake or protein bar just in case you are placed in a high risk cheating situation or when you are short on time for a sit down meal
  7. Be creative with your food-  It takes a special person to eat the same food every day.  I do know a few people who can do this but for the average boredom will over rule you.  Try using different recipes to spice up your favorite dishes.  I recommend “Eating For Life” by Bill Phillips. 



Dream big…and expect success!

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Elizabeth Saunders-Time Coach 07/13/2009 at 7:42 AM

Great practical tips! I find for myself and Schedule Makeover clients that planning in time (your tip #3) for exercise is critical! When you already have an appointment to work out at specific days and times, you burn calories without exerting tons of emotional effort to decide when to get moving.

I find accountability helps too! I walk with one of my friends every day after work.


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