Good Life Fitness is the home of N-10sive Boot Camps!! N-10sive Boot Camps at Good Life Fitness will provide you with the best results, period. I’m so sure you’ll be thrilled with the workout and the results! The workout delivers the most diversified workout possible in 1 hour. There is no other workout that delivers the benefits of weight lifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, short distance running, long distance running, yoga, and core work to blast that midsection!!

The hardest part I guarantee is walking through the front door!! Here are some frequently asked questions.

How Do I Get Started?

It is super easy. On this website go ahead and register you name on an intended start date for a FREE week to Good Life Fitness.
What Are Your Recommendations During My First Week?
During your first week I would highly recommend trying boot camp 3x. It is super important to focus on consistency before intensity. Cut all of your repetitions and rounds of completion in ½ or even ¼ .

I Am Worried That I Am Too Out Of Shape Or Too Old

All fitness levels and ages are welcome. Please remember everyone was once in your shoes. We have people of all fitness and age levels who are successful. No one is ever left behind or segregated for their fitness levels. Our goal is to push you out of your fitness level. Everyone must crawl before they walk…they must walk before they run. Come and have fun

What If I Have Bad Knees Or Other Concerning Joint Conditions?

The squat is the most common movement we do in life. When it comes to injuries as certified fitness professionals we are able to scale and modify any movement for you. We do recommend the elliptical/treadmill/ or indoor walking when an outdoor running movement is prescribed. If you have questions on movements to avoid or a safely prescribed recommendation for you…we do offer a FREE fitness consult to help you get started.

Do I Have To Wait For A Particular Session Or Week To Start?

No you are more than welcome to start at any time. Fitness does not have an off week and many regress in their fitness levels waiting for the next session to start.

Do You Recommend Weight Lifting Or Group Fitness Classes With Boot Camp?

Yes if you are looking to mix up your routine I highly recommend blending the weight room or the group fitness classes. A great combination is N-10sive F-I-R-E, N-10sive Revolution X, and/or any our group x classes.

Do I Have To Stay At The Same Class Times That I Start With?

No. With over 100 fitness boot camps/group fitness classes you can pick and choose the best times for you.

Do I Need To Purchase Any Additional Equipment Or Bring My Own Equipment?

No. At Good Life Fitness we supply all of your equipment. I would recommend purchasing a yoga mat.

Are Your Boot Camps 100% Outdoors?

No. Our fitness boot camps are mix of inside and outside when weather permits. You will never be in the dark listening to a boom box or fighting off mosquitoes

Can I Bring A Friend To Boot Camp?

Yes. During your first week you are more than welcome to bring a friend or friends along for a free week as well.


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