Finding The Balance In Your Life

by Steve Auxier on 04/14/2014

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” ― Annie Dillard

Make today the start of something great! Finding the balance in your life is a struggle. Often times we might feel we are being pulled in a thousand directions and once we have a goal you might feel life demands pull you away. In the beginning of our fitness transformations it is way to easy to become tunnel visioned and tune out other areas of our life. This could be one reason why fitness does have a high drop out rate in the first 12 weeks. The key is to find a balance and the balance is key for long term fitness success. When designing our fitness layout you must identify the 3 most important areas of your life? Maybe the three areas are your career, family, health/fitness? The three areas must be in harmony of each other in order for them to be attainable. I highly recommend writing down the 3 areas of your life and place a percentage next to them in importance. Please keep in mind that once there is an imbalance of the three areas you might be scrambling trying to regain balance. Here is a 3 step process from Brian Tracy that I felt was really appropriate in helping lay out the plan.

1. “What” Goals

Career, Health/Fitness, Faith, Family. These are “what” you want to accomplish in life.

2. “Why” Goals

Personal, family, health/fitness. These are “why” you want to accomplish your goals.

3. “How” Goals

Personal, professional, health/fitness growth. These are “how” you achieve the “what” and the “why” goals.

The key is to continue on the 3 areas of your life and recognize the importance of balance. This will lead for long term health and happiness.

Dedicated to your fitness success!

Steve Auxier
Good Life Fitness

Steve Auxier and Daughters

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