NO Fad Diet Short Cuts For Fitness Success

by Steve Auxier on 10/19/2016


NO Fad Diet Short Cuts For Fitness Success!!!



According to National Institute of Health, almost 98% of people on a diet gain back their original weight plus more! People on liquid diets or the frozen food nutri-systems are no more prepared to face real food again than they were before their programs started.

Conventional diets do not work because they are faulty in design.  They are based on weight-loss instead of fat-loss.  If you restrict yourself to a very low calorie diet or a liquid diet for any period of time you will eventually fail.  Consequently upon resuming normal eating habits you gain the back all of your weight and this is what we call the yo-yo diet.


Here are some interesting facts about weight management.

  • Commercial weight-loss markets generate nearly $36 billion each year!  How?  Repeat business.
  • Conventional weight loss programs experience a 98% failure rate!
  • You can’t starve fat off of your body!  Our fat is our survival mechanism.
  • Proper nutrition, productive exercise, and positive motivation is the only valid technique to achieve long term weight management!

Ready to energize your life and be in your best shape ever? Ready to turn the tables on the fat around your middle? Empower yourself by signing up for a free N-10Sive Boot Camp session and experience the CrossFit difference.

I’m so sure you’ll meet your fitness goals I guarantee it.billphillipschange

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