Secrets To Dropping 20#

by Steve Auxier on 10/27/2014

YES the secrets of dropping 20# in 100 days. Now I know you were hoping for me to say in 2 weeks or 30 days but as you know I am not about fad diets, weight loss formulas, or bogus supplement schemes advertised to the be the answer to your problems. These methods produce short term results but NOT long term fitness success. With the New Year right around the corner you will be enticed to jump on ship to the quick fix schemes and YES they are tempting but stay clear as they are not the answer to fixing you long term. The secret is hard work, consistency, and dedication to your nutrition and those 3 will direct you to the right path of success. Every fitness challenge that we at Good Life Fitness have placed together has fitness tools installed and they work every time!! So many people have dropped 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40+ pounds of body weight and well over 2 pant sizes in a short time of 100 days. Did they take weight loss supplements…NO?!? Did they have a nutrition program that was designed around supplements or frozen food to promote their success….NO?!? Did they have to sign a contract to hit these goals….NO?!? All of the competitors achieved these results with accountability, nutrition consulting, a well designed program by a certified personal trainer, group support, and yes HARD work!!

Accountability- Yes accountability is key. Methods as checking in with co workers, social media, friends/family, nutrition accountability are key. All competitors of the challenges use a calendar system to record their workouts.


Nutrition Logging- I highly recommend using or even a diary to track your nutrition. This is key as many are unaware of how many calories they consume or what their macronutrient balance is. Many guestimate (sp) on their calories and many are 12-20% to too high or too low. If you bite it…then write it.

Personal Training- Yes many of the competitors use the fitness boot camps who are taught by a certified personal trainer at a highly discounted rate. Many also used personal trainers to custom design their fitness program for the weight room and to evaluate their programs. Many of the competitors or boot camp members are veterans. Having a program that is designed specifically for your goals is key.

Nutrition Consulting- During the challenge so many mentioned that the key was having Caitlynn, Lauren, Bryant, and Ryan custom design their nutrition program and provide feedback along the way and make changes.

Hard Work- I am a fan of doing it the old fashioned way. Hard work and no short cuts is the key for long term success. I truly believe when you work hard for something and you put in your sweat and tears this has more impact for long term fitness success!!!


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