Individuals who maintain a long term transformation all have 5 key nutrition habits. The key for long term fitness success is finding balance with family, health, and occupation.  Here are the top 5 nutrition habits  that are commonly found in people who have maintained a long term transformation.

  1.  Limit Fast Food Dining–  Many eat lunch time meals at least 2 or more times a week spending $10 to $20 per time.  Individuals who maintained eating out to 1x week was a key nutritional habit for long term transformation.
  2. Breakfast- Yes you have all heard eating breakfast is so beneficial in so many ways.  Skipping breakfast is a contributing factor to binge eating and making poor choices later in the day.
  3. Consuming 5 fruits/vegetables a day-   Don’t forget to add the color to that plate.
  4. The 80/20 Rule- Allowing freedom and choosing one free day of your favorite foods is key to ramping up that metabolism and rewarding you for your hard work.  Use the 80/20% rule.
  5. 21 Foods–  Choosing a consistent variety of foods is key to prevent boredom but maintaining consistency and establishing the habits of eating real non processed foods is a key habit for long term transformations.  When asked how many different foods they had in their plan the common answer was around 21.
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