Pills, Powders, Promises

by Steve Auxier on 06/26/2015

action3Pills, powders, and promises is a 60 billion dollar industry!! Why?!? Because of REPEAT business! Fads and quick fix schemes of pills, powders, and false promises have preyed on Americans that are wanting instant RESULTS!! If you have been following this blog for sometime you know that I am NOT a fan of this approach. In my past as a competitive power lifter I would search for the latest and the greatest to help elevate my performance. My supplements of the past would consist of various types of protein powder, protein bars, Creatine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, Juven, multi-vitamin, vitamin C, HMB plus extra fad supplements. I found myself going to the supplement store buying anything to give me the advantage. This blend averaged $200-$600 per month! Thinking of all the “pills/powders” that people are taking in their 20′s is crazy. On the flip side from years of unhealthy actions that turn into long term habits turn into taking pills of medication to protect our life that has been damaged earlier on. HMMMMM! Now NOT all supplements are bad and keeping to the basics is a good plan of attack.


So many are always trying to skip steps for success and want to see results NOW! They are always looking for the next and the best and sometimes this can lead us to frustration and burnout in fitness and in life. This is how it is. We want our recent situation to go away to end as soon as possible and when we are in a new situation, we want that new situation to finish to end, so we can be in a new situation. We just want to jump and be in new stages in life but we forget to know the value of that stage which we are in that particular moment.

Focus on proven methods for long term fitness success! Hard work always trumps short cuts and there is NO “secret pill or powder” for fitness success!

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