Have you ever failed in fitness…is it a bad thing? I view failure in fitness as a good experience…just wish I would have known that in college:)) LOL. In my mind failure in fitness is a good thing and we learn so many valuable lessons from our experiences. So many people are scared to “fail” and therefore are scared to experiment with their fitness. Let me rephrase experiment with our fitness. I am not an advocate of infomercial or short cut approaches in fitness. Approach failure as being a positive experience to learn from. Failure can be bad if we keep repeating the same action over and over again and still receiving the same outcome…I think they call this Insanity:) The mindset for fitness is very important and there are many steps to follow in order to receive success.

Step 1. Identify the negative mindsets of the reasons why you can not be successful in your fitness endeavor. Check out this blog to identify some of the common excuses.http://www.fitnesslincoln.com/5-tips-for-fitness-success/


Step 2. View failure with a different face- Looking at failure in a different way is important. View failure as an experience or as a new tool to add to your tool box or as a learning experience. Failure can teach us many things of how to approach our goals in a new way.

Step 3. Nobody wants to fail- We are all wired to be successful. I truly believe we are born to WIN…not fail. My experience with assisting people on their fitness journey is that people are afraid to put both feet forward and move towards hitting their goals. You might be the same…we want a security blanket to fall back on. This is the same with fitness…it is almost that people are expecting to fail on achieving their goals and so their mindset is set up to fail from the beginning.

Step 4. Separate fact from fiction- When choosing your fitness venture it just has to make sense. If you are forming your plan and it involves so many drastic measures to get there then you might fail sooner than later. Avoid false claims and the “too good to be true” approaches to hitting your goals.

“Success involves sweat and hard work…NOT short cuts for success”


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