How To Restart Your Fitness Motivation

by Steve Auxier on 11/17/2014

With the New Year right around the corner everybody is going to be driven to hit their fitness goals. How do you restart your fitness motivation if you were once in great shape and/or maybe someone recovering from a major set back? All too common I hear the phrases “oh ya I’ll start tomorrow or ya I’ll start next week/month when I have time”. The sad thing is the time is never right and all the stars will never in be in alignment to be a perfect time. Here is a question for you. What if you were once in a great shape like in high school or maybe you were in great shape before baby #1, baby #2 or what if you were in great shape before enduring a major surgery? How do you regain your fitness motivation? How do you find the internal drive to start up and get started? Throughout the years I have witnessed people start again with FIRE but fall short of attaining their goals. Why to they constantly restart? What is the mental thinking behind starting and stopping over and over again? What makes it so hard….is it knowing the pain that you must endure again? Is it sacrifice and dedication that is an obstacle? Is it prioritizing balanced nutrition and “creating” time for fitness? NOT sure but here are a few tips that I think will help you if any of the above pertains to you.

Tip #1: Change the mindset of shoulda, coulda, woulda. So many people think like this….you must retrain this mindset.

Tip #2: Forget your past failures if any. Focus on the present and not on the past…this is tough.

Tip #3: If your physical or current health has changed…you must work with what you have. If you have a joint condition change…accept and adapt.
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Tip #4: Understand that you will have setbacks and obstacles along the way…expect and overcome. You are not a tree and you do have the freedom to overcome

Tip #5: Avoid habits that led to your “down fall”. Identify them and overcome.

Tip #6: Goals daily, Goals daily, and goals long term.

Tip #7: Have fun…so many become tunneled vision and everything else around you suffers. The key is balance…have fun and enjoy the ride to your success.

Tip #8: Don’t be so hard on yourself…NO ONE ever fails in fitness.

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