I personally enjoy getting to know people and taking great interest in learning about their personal fitness journey’s. I have found that people struggle with so many areas of their life and starting a fitness plan can bring hope and balance to those areas of struggle. As our 12 week transformation challenge comes to an end I wanted to share one of the challengers experience at Good Life Fitness over the period of 84 days. Please sit back and enjoy this short little journey:)

I Encountered A Few Challenges:

: My ego was continuously bruised during “pull ups” and when I was passed repeatedly by petite boot campers on the way to the 9th street turn around.
: I learned to recite the complete lyrics to “Timber” by Keisha.
: I discovered that I have a serious issue understanding the physical movements required to execute a proper “star jack”. Scott refers to my interpretation as a “Spaz-jack”.
: Learned that I cannot out-train a bad diet, and alcohol makes me hungry.
: Learned that I really don’t know very much about the “Rocky” movies.
: I had a difficult time keeping track of my nutrition.

But The “Highlights” were AWESOME!

: Completed 84 boot camp workouts, most with my pal Scott.
: Ran 32 miles ( State Farm-10 miles, Run For The Bridges-10k)
: Lost about 13 pounds, reduced my body fat.
: Followed a nutrition plan as created by Lauren.
: Learned the proper “tire dragging form” which has a lot to do with the “tire selection process”.
: Can see results in the mirror and in the way my clothes fit.
: Feel great about my energy and increased stamina, strength, and endurance, especially when running, snow boarding, and wind surfing.
: And best of all, made a lot of great new friends!

GREAT job John and congratulations on your fitness success!!!!!

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