Do Not Let “Age” Hold You Back

by Steve Auxier on 08/13/2014

Do not let “age” hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. All to often people say they are way too “old” or use this mindset to hold them back from getting started or breaking out of their comfort zone. Yes mindset is key and yes maybe we do need to modify and design a “plan” but age should not be a hindering factor to your success! Dr. Tom Tegt achieved AMAZING results in the Good Life Fitness 12 week transformation challenge! Tom at a young age of 60+ achieved his results with a correct balance of nutrition, weight training, and incorporating a blend of boot camp and running to hit his results!!! CONGRATULATIONS Tom for inspiring me and so many with your drive and dedication to fitness!!!!!



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Short Comical Transformational Journey Of 12 Weeks!!

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I personally enjoy getting to know people and taking great interest in learning about their personal fitness journey’s. I have found that people struggle with so many areas of their life and starting a fitness plan can bring hope and balance to those areas of struggle. As our 12 week transformation challenge comes to an […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About N-10sive Boot Camp

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Good Life Fitness is the home of N-10sive Boot Camps!! N-10sive Boot Camps at Good Life Fitness will provide you with the best results, period. I’m so sure you’ll be thrilled with the workout and the results! The workout delivers the most diversified workout possible in 1 hour. There is no other workout that delivers […]

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