Use These 4 R’s For Nutrition Success

by Steve Auxier on 07/21/2016

The 4 R’s For Nutrition Success!!  Nutrition does not have to be complicated but in the fitness world we often make it more complicated than needed.  At Good Life Fitness we are not interested in short term success but rather we look  at the big picture of your overall health down the road.  Quick fix gimmicks and low carb/low calorie “diets” are not in our GPS system for your success.  Check out these 4 r’s for your nutrition success.

  1. Right Foods–   Sounds simple?!?  Yes choose foods that are simple and keep it basic.  Foods that are loaded with preservatives that give a long shelf life are not on the plan for long term health.  Choose foods that are fresh, frozen and foods that have an expiration date.  Check out this list for the right foods 
  2. Right Amounts–  If you bite it…you must write it.  If you are guessing on how many calories you are doing you are over or under estimating by 12-20%. I would recommend keeping a food diary or for an accurate recording to help with the right amounts.
  3.  Right Combinations-  The right combinations are key.  Each of the main meals should have a lean source of protein, complex carbohydrates, and a healthy fat source.  The right combinations are key.  Reference to your food group list for the right combinations.
  4.   Right Times-  Yes the right times and the amount of hours in between your meals are key.  The best general rule of thumb is a 3-4 hour spacing from meals to snacks.




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