Tips To Stay Motivated On Your Fitness Journey

by Steve Auxier on 04/23/2014

If you are like me I can think of 10,000 reasons to procrastinate from working out when my schedule is busy…but here is my #1 secret….I do it super early in the morning. Now I know the early morning sounds like a drag but statistics show a 90% success rate if you do it first thing in the morning. Okay…I haven’t convinced you yet about the early morning so here are 8 tips to help you stay motivated on your fitness plan!

Make It Fun!- Yes your fitness plan should be fun. If you dread doing your fitness routine then chances are you will stop. Be EXCITED about your fitness program!!!!richard-simmons1
Join N-10sive Boot Camp- Our N-10sive Boot Camps have the key factor to fitness success…group accountability!! Join the excitement and have fun with others striving for their goals!!
Join Work Fitness Programs- Take advantage of your companies programs such as the Biggest Loser, Work Life, or other health incentives offered by your company.
Hire A Personal Trainer- If you are new to exercise or a veteran let a professional personal trainer revamp your fitness routine to help you set new fitness goals!
Find The Balance- Your fitness routine should be a balance for you and your family. This is why I choose the early morning which works best for me:)
Write Your Goals Down- I am a big fan of writing your goals down. A goal that is not wrote down is just a dream.
Visualize Your Life- Visualize your new life with a vibrant healthier new you! Remember the power of imagination is HUGE!
Form your support system- All successful people form a group of advisers! I recommend somebody that you are accountable to.

Train smart and expect success!

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